Project Overview
I designed an android app for sriracha lovers based on Huy Fund Food's Inc. brand and famous sauces to increase customer and business interactions. I based my design on research, interviews, and user testing I preformed. 
I interviewed 4 individuals, 3 men and 1 woman, to collect information about people interests in sriracha and Huy Fund Foods Inc. A few of the question I asked were:
  -  Do you buy sriracha? What do you use it for?
  -  How do you interact with Huy Fund Food Inc. currently?
  -  Do you like sriracha? Why?
  -  What would you expect to find in an app by Huy Fund Food Inc.?
Many were interested in finding out where to get sriracha, learning what can do with sriracha, and news about sriracha. 
After interviewing several individuals who have used and are fans of Huy Fong Food's products, I created personas to look at the users' needs for the app.
After research, I came up with ideas of visuals, features, interactions, and information to present within the app. 
Usability Test
I conducted to two usability test sessions with three people in each. In the first session, I conducted the study using low-fidelity paper prototype, and in the second, I conducted the study using Adobe Experience Design CC on a mobile phone. 

Issues I came across during the testing:
- Users would get lost if there wasn't title or breadcrumbs
- Favoriteing recipes took sometime to learn
- Users weren't aware of what the location markers meant
- Users didn't have away to view orders or their account settings

With all these issues recognized, I refined my design.
Final Design

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