Psychological Ownership of Interactive Narratives
In Fall 2017, I was enrolled in Experimental Technique: Interactivity + Storytelling were I planned a small research study. I looked at the effects of psychological ownership, the feeling that something belongs to you, on interactive narratives and learning. I created the research question, surveys, protocol, interactive narrative and analyzed the data. Based on the current data, there seems to be a link between immersion and ownership. Please, come back for more information as it comes. 
I am an undergraduate research assistant in the StoryLab, directed by Dr. Sharon Chu, where I assist in conducting studies, including usability studies, as well as designing many of the applications, smartwatch and web, used in the studies. The StoryLab conducts research in the area of human-computer interaction focusing on design and technology related to storytelling and education.
Supporting Well-being Through Everyday-Insipired Media
This is current project I am working on. We are look at use of movies as intervention to improve the wellbeing in older adults and college student. Another researcher and myself made the surveys and other documents for the study as well as creating the list of movies planned to be used in the study. Part of the study requires participants to record small stories about their day with a voice recorder, and we use this to find the right movie for them to watch. I designed the interface for this recorder. See it here > 
Social Media for Personally-Relevant Science Learning
This project aims to support informal science learning through children's lived experiences. Science Stories is an educational-based social media website for science based storytelling for children. A team of 3 undergraduates and myself took part in this project. We made the protocols, surveys, and other documents for the study under the supervision of Dr. Chu. We conducted the study with a small group of elementary school children. The design of Science Stories was finalized by me and Dr. Chu. See it here > 
Elementary Science through Wearable Technologies
In this project, we were looking science learning based reflection of everyday events through a wearable device. A graduate student and I researched wearable products and devices on the market as well as research articles and papers related to science learning and wearable technologies.  
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